Welcome to Matt’s Website! This is the place where I share God’s grace for me in the IHOPKC.

I pray that, by sharing what God has done for me,  I may inspire others pressing in the same journey, and, by translating materials in the internship, I may help people to have a better understanding of our Fathers’ heart and to partner with our magnificent One.

從來沒有想過自己會成會IHOP-KC (International House of Prayers- Kansas City)的實習生。從一開始帶著心中對神的憤怒、苦毒和困惑,到現在經歷心中前所未有的平靜,大概只有神祂自己才知道是怎麼辦到的吧。

衷心地祈求神,透過分享將一些在實習期間所學和所經歷的,能夠為一樣在屬天道路奔跑的弟兄姊妹提供一些幫助。也計畫陸陸續續翻譯畢邁可(Mike Bickle)牧師的講道內容。 願神祝福這小小的一方角落。